Nelumbo Healing Arts vision is to enhance the overall health and wellbeing with a unique combination of self-care products, mindfulness workshops, and Holistic Massage Therapy. Intertwine the relationship of body, mind and spirit to positively enhance personal growth.  

In the Nelumbo garden, we grow various herbs and flowers, which are handcrafted into plant-based self-care products, flower essences, and nature-inspired gifts. We always choose the best ingredients for products and look for sustainable packaging solutions.

We offer self-care mindfulness workshops every month in the New England area, where we focus on light stretching, mindfulness meditation, and the creation of your own self-care products while enjoying treats and tea.

Holistic massage practice works both on a physical and energetic level, treating the body, mind, and spirit. Each session is customized to the client’s needs, and includes botanical crafted massage oils, warm stones, and aromatherapy.